How To Self Distract

One difficult symptom for people with schizophrenia is hallucinations. These usually take the form of auditory or visual hallucinations. One way to counteract this challenging symptom is to self distract in various ways. In this post, I will cover some of my own strategies for self distraction.

One way I self distract is by listening to music. Whether I am at home alone or out and about on a bus, you can always find me with headphones in. I notice that my own symptom of auditory hallucinations is lessened with this tactic. While I don’t have a YouTube or Spotify playlist I can share, I did want to include several songs that help me cope with my symptoms. They are:

Another tactic I use to self distract is reading. I am biased towards non-fiction programming and finance books, but even fiction books can be a good distraction. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

The third tactic I use for self distraction is watching movies or longer-form content on YouTube. I will list some of them below.

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